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June 7, 1934
Midway City to vote on Sewer Project at a meeting of the Midway City sewer committee on June 6, 1934 - it was decided to present to the voters a proposal to form a sanitary district.

February 7, 1935
Sewer Project at Midway City Still Live Issue; under important matters of business of the Midway City Chamber of Commerce, Engineer George L. Bates of Santa Ana regarding the possibility of the much needed municipal sewer system. Although the project for installing such a system has been approved by the SERA and it is believed that funds may be obtained from that source to aid in the work, rigid state laws have thus far made it impossible to attempt forming a district.

May 16, 1935
Bill Making Sewer District Possible Passes in Senate. The bill being considered in the state legislature that will amend the present act which stands in the way of formation of a sewer district in Midway City is well on its way to passage according to Ray H. Overacker, who was in Sacramento last week in the interests of various legislation, including this bill. The Bill, known as No. 634, was brought out of committee with a “do pass” label and was passed by the Senate on May 7, 1935. It now is in the Assembly committee on governmental efficiency and economy and is expected out with a “do pass” recommendation. If the bill passes all that remains before local action can be taken in the formation of a sewer district is the signature of Governor Merriam.

June 10, 1937
Formation of Sanitary District is underway - at a meeting of property owners of Midway City last night at Ed Hensley’s office it was decided to take the first steps toward forming a Sanitary District. John Mitchell, Supervisor for the District was there and outlined the steps necessary. After the District is formed, then the various types of sewer systems will be discussed from the standpoint of cost, etc. Another election will then be held and the people will actually vote for or against the proposed sewer system. Supervisor Mitchell feels confident that it would be possible to secure an outright grant of 80 percent of the cost through the Federal Government.

July 22, 1937
Petitions are out for Sanitary District - a petition was prepared and is now being signed by property owners in Midway City. This is just a preliminary step toward establishing a District.

July 14, 1938
Formation of Sanitary District being discussed as a result of a mass meeting held at the Woman’s club house on July 11, 1938 under the sponsorship of the Midway City American Legion Post 555. Papers will be circulated shortly in the community to sound out voters in regard to their convictions as to the establishment of the sanitary district to take care of the aggravating sewerage disposal problem and the more ambitious proposal of incorporation.

November 9, 1938
Approval by the Board of Supervisors to hold an election calling to order to said election to be held to determine whether the said territory hereinafter more particularly described, be formed into a Sanitary District, and for the organization of said district under the name “The Midway City Sanitary District” of Orange County, California, and for the election of five members of a Sanitary Board to govern said district.

January 3, 1939
Election results were read and Resolution was adopted by Supervisors. Returns of said election have been made to the Board of Supervisors and have this day, which is the first Monday following the day of said election, been duly opened and canvassed and it appearing the canvassing of said returns that at said election 188 votes were cast, and the total number of votes cast on the proposition whether the Midway City Sanitary District be organized or not, was One Hundred Eighty-Six (186), and that the number of votes cast for the Sanitary District was One Hundred Seventy-Seven (177) and that the total number of votes cast against a Sanitary District was Nine (9) and that of the votes, O.M Hood received 138 votes, Armand Heil received 137 votes, Hugh Marshall received 127 votes, J.E. Mixer received 126 votes, Harry Hall received 101 votes and Charles A. Whittet received 88 votes.

Service Territory
The newly formed Midway City Sanitary District originally had a service territory between Hazard to the north, Newland to the east, Sugar (McFadden) to the south and Eucalyptus (Hoover Street) to the west. Currently, the service area covers 10.4 square miles and provides service to all Westminster and Midway City residents and businesses.

January 13, 1939
At 7pm the first meeting of the Board of Directors was held at the fire hall in Midway City.

February 13, 1939
First talk about a trickling plant.

July 18, 1939
Reports to the Board were received of unsanitary condition existing during the rainy season - impossible to use toilets. (Houses were on septic tanks)

December 13, 1940
Ordinance 1 was passed. The ordinance was on the inspection of installation of sewer system. Trash collection was contracted to J.B. Cail at $50.00 per month for three years.

June 12, 1945
District was reorganized as a District under the Sanitary District Act of 1923

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