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Sewer Management

Sewer System Master Plan

2022 Sewer System Master Plan.pdf

Sewer System

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The District maintains 174 miles of gravity sewer mains ranging from 8-inches to 18-inches in diameter. There are approximately 3,888 sewer manholes within the system, which are used as access points for cleaning and inspection purposes. 
An important part of the District’s responsibilities is systematic cleaning and closed circuit televising (CCTV) of the collection system to identify problem areas and see firsthand the effectiveness of the cleaning program. The District currently contracts out cleaning and CCTV maintenance work.  Sewer mains are cleaned on a one-year cleaning cycle. 
There are four sewer lift stations located within the collection system that are necessary to convey flow from low laying areas to higher elevations where the wastewater can again flow by gravity. The lift stations have redundant pumping equipment and advanced telemetry that continuously reports to the headquarters.  The District also has standby generators as part of its emergency response equipment. 

MCSD Sewer Program:

The purpose of the Wastewater Program is to collect and convey all wastewater produced within the Midway City Sanitary District (MCSD) to the Orange County Sanitation District wastewater treatment plants in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach. This is accomplished through establishing specifications for the construction of sewer lines, inspecting lines for compliance with those specifications, conducting preventive maintenance of the system, repairing and replacing defective elements of the system, and managing flow rates to stay within the capacity of the collection system. The collection system includes 174 miles of wastewater sewer mains and four (4) sewage lift stations.

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