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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Stop Trash Before It Starts!

Many people believe that recycling is the only solution to the trash problem. While recycling can divert valuable materials from the landfill, it is one part of an efficient waste management program. Controlling waste, conserving landfill space and improving the environment requires the "3R's"

"REDUCE"       "REUSE"      "RECYCLE"

Reduce waste to minimize the use of materials and energy to reduce pollution and save resources. Reuse products over and over again to save valuable resources. Recycle waste to make new products from old.

How Can I Help?
There are other ways you can conserve resources to help our community waste management program succeed. By using recycled products, we encourage more manufacturers to use recycled materials. The more they use recycled materials the greater our recycling success! Check the labels, and buy products made from recycled material. Here are some other tips:
• Buy products in bulk and those with little or no packaging.
• Purchase fewer disposable items. Use ceramic mugs, cloth towels and reusable shopping bags.
• Repair or donate appliances and clothing rather than discarding them.
• Place recyclables in the blue container, the District is charged for all recyclables placed in the black container.

CR&R Environmental Services operates a state of the art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) which facilitates compliance with California State Laws. There are penalties for all Government agencies found not in compliance.

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