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Sewer Maintenance Activities

MCSD truck performing street service

Preventive Maintenance – This is maintenance the collections system crew does regularly for the entire system and on a periodic basis in areas know as “hot spots.” In order to minimize and prevent sewer backups, this division is responsible for a preventive maintenance program that includes periodic television inspection and cleaning of the sanitary sewer system.
Basin Maintenance – Basin Maintenance is maintenance performed in one specific area of the District. Each public sewer line in this area is first cleaned and then televised to see the structural condition of the sewer main.
Corrective Maintenance – This maintenance is performed to repair defects found throughout the sewer system that have the potential to cause a stoppage or failure. The District hires contractors to repair or rehabilitate these sewer lines.
Service Calls – The District field personnel respond to service calls related to the sanitary sewer system. This includes, but is not limited, to investigation of sewer back-ups, manhole investigation, etc.
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Emergency Response – The District responds to all sewer overflows that occur in the public sewer system. In private laterals we assist the Cities of Westminster and Midway. The District is dedicated to protecting public health and the environment.
Combination Unit – This self-contained vehicle is a heavy-duty combination vacuum/high velocity cleaner that uses high pressure water to clean and maintain sewer facilities and occasionally assist with breaking stoppages. This unit differs from a high velocity cleaner because it has the ability to vacuum debris from manhole channels. The District’s combination unit holds 1,000 gallons of water and has a 9 yard debris tank that can hold an additional 1,500 gallons of water when not being used for debris collection. This unit is capable of cleaning sewer lines up to 30” in diameter.
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection Unit – This unit allows the collection system crew to visually inspect sewer mains through the use of a camera that transmits video through a fiber optic cable to the above ground vehicle. The unit is capable of inspecting sanitary sewer lines up to 24” in diameter and a maximum length of 1,000’ at one time.

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