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FREE Container Exchange & Ordering Additional Containers

Additional Containers or Replacement of Damaged Containers:

For additional containers or replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen containers, call (714) 893-3553 or email us at  Your container will be delivered or repaired on your next available solid waste pick up day.

While each household is unique, we strive to provide you with what you need for your personal circumstances.


One (1) BLACK container is sufficient for an average home. 

Kitty litter/waste, diapers and overflow from your green container go into the BLACK container.

65 Gal black trashcan

Additional containers will be charged a rental fee at a rate of $38.07 PER CONTAINER for one (1) year. Westminster and Midway City property owners may request additional trash containers by calling (714) 893-3553 or emailing us. Containers will be delivered within 5 working days of your request and payment.


blue containers

One (1) BLUE container is usually sufficient for a household of two people. Should the size of your household change, additional BLUE containers can be provided for your household waste for an additional fee.


green organics cart

ORGANICS: Green Containers

One (1) GREEN container is usually sufficient for an average home. We have started utilizing the GREEN organics containers for designated residents. Please place your yard waste, food waste, and dog waste into the GREEN container.  To help avoid contamination of valuable recyclables, we ask that you please separate out your food waste, and place that in your GREEN container with your yard waste.

Westminster and Midway City property owners may request additional containers for an additional fee by calling (714) 893-3553 or email us.

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