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District Transparency

Rates, Compensation, Budgets & Financial Reports

Our district is dedicated to operating in a transparent manner, and posts relevant financial and operational documents to our site as they become available.

Transparency budget and financial reports

Midway City Sanitary District strives to  demonstrate to our rate payers that we are committed to the highest levels of public governance, and that we:

  • Understand and respect the responsibilities inherent in providing essential public services.
  • Have clean financial audits and operate in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.
  • Are conscious of the ever-changing operating environment by having current and relevant policies and procedures in place that conform to all statutes and regulations under state law.
  • Place an emphasis on continuing education completed by having each of the district’s board members and executive staff in ethics, governance and leadership training.
  • Focus on having sound policies in the areas of governance, board conduct, district finances, transparency and reserves.

Miscellaneous Reports

06.30.2021 Updated OPEB Actuarial Valuation Report FYE 2022 GASB 75.pdfFY 2022_23 Retirement Valuation Tier 1 3%@60 Misc.pdfFY 2022_23 Retirement Valuation Tier 2 2%@55 Misc.pdfFY 2022_23 Retirement Valuation PEPRA 2%@62 Misc.pdf
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