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Report a Sewer Problem

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Your plumbing system: It is a good idea for all property owners and tenants to become familiar with the general layout of your plumbing system, especially the location of your sewer "clean out" outlet. The outlet cover is usually located in the yard and allows easy access to the more distant stretches of the private sewer line so blockages may be removed. A plumber can help locate sewer cleanouts, if you have any.

Preventing clogs: Residents can aid in preventing clogged sewer lines by not putting grease and greasy food scraps down the sink or garbage disposal. Grease and meat drippings should be collected in a disposable container and thrown into the solid waste container. Any other greasy leftovers (bones, meat trimmings, etc.) should be thrown into the solid waste container.

Other household and business wastes: Do not dispose of these wastes into the sanitary or storm drainage system: Antifreeze Motor oil Paint thinner and other solvents Oil-based paints (in any quantity, including clean-up waste) Latex-based paints Pesticides, Herbicides Pharmaceuticals or Over the Counter Medication Photographic fixer solutions from a darkroom Mercury (broken thermometers or other sources).

Clogged Sewer Lines

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When your sewer does back up, call a plumber first to help you determine if a call to the District is needed.

Plugged sewer lines are most frequently caused by roots, grease accumulation or structural problems.

Business Owners: Check your grease interceptors/traps and sand traps. Make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis and records are kept.

Sewage back up: When sewage backs up into your basement or crawl space only when you run water in your house/business, the problem is most likely to be in your system and you may need to call a plumber to repair it. The homeowner is responsible for clean up or repair, including repairing damage to the street or driveway if necessary. When sewage is running into your house/business and you haven't been running water, call the emergency number immediately: (714) 310-9004. MCSD will send a crew out to investigate the problem and clean the main, if plugged..

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