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Automated Solid Waste Collection

Current Monthly Rate: $15.83 per month

New truck picking up container

Midway City Sanitary Districts Automated Collection System makes solid waste collection more efficient, safe, and sanitary than bag collection systems. Automated collection could not be easier— households are assigned a blue recyclable container, a green organics container and a black non-recyclable container which are simply rolled out to the curb on the designated collection day. Trucks outfitted with hydraulic arms do the rest of the work. Implementation of the system began in 1995, and Westminster & Midway City are now 100% automated.

  • Average total tonnage: 38,054 per year, 732 tons per week average or 146 tons per day
  • Total average pounds of solid waste per year collected:  76,546,000
  • Number of households served: 19,230 or 3,846 per day
  • Weekly special services: 53
  • Bulky item service average: 173 per week or 8,655 per year
  • Christmas tree pick up service: 35.03 tons
  • Number of daily routes: 7 plus 1 help truck
  • Number of drivers employed: 8
  • Number of lead persons: 1
  • Number of supervisors: 1
  • Estimated number of containers (Black and Blue) owned by the District: 60,479
  • All solid waste is processed at CR&R Environmental Services and transferred to the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill

Using the Automated Solid Waste Collection Container
Solid Waste Collection

Residential solid waste is collected once per week. For more information regarding your collection day, please call (714) 893-3553 or email us @

Storage Suggestions

Place inside garage, at side of house or in backyard. Do not take container if you move; each container is assigned to the residence, not the customer.

Items to Place in the Container

Place all items in plastic bags, if possible, and secure the bags to help prevent spillage and keep the container clean. Other materials, such as tree branches, should fit easily into the container to ensure ease of unloading. Lid should be able to close.

Best Container Placement

  • Place your container in the gutter near your driveway with the wheels against the curb by 7 am on your scheduled pick-up day.
  • Place your container three (3) feet away from all obstructions (cars, poles, recyclables, additional containers, etc…)
  • Bag your items to prevent spills
  • Do not overfill your container
  • Make sure that the lid can be shut with ease
  • You may request additional containers for $36.96 for one (1) year.
  • NO hazardous waste, NO electronics or computers, NO construction material, NO ashes, NO concrete, NO rocks, NO gravel, or like material.

Container Damage or Replacement

For replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen containers, please call (714) 893-3553 or email us @ Your container will be delivered or repaired within five (5) working days of your request.

Additional Containers

Disability Assistance

Solid Waste Management will provide assistance with containers for disabled or elderly residents free of charge. For disability assistance, please call (714) 893-3553 or email us @

Missed Pick-ups

If your containers are not picked up on your regular collection day, please call (714) 893-3553 or email us @ Missed pick-ups will be made the next business day.

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