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Core Values

Staff and truck photo

The Core Values support the Mission and Vision Statements by expressing the values, beliefs, and philosophy that guide our daily actions. They help form the framework of our organization and reinforce our professional work ethic.

Honesty, Trust and Respect
To aspire to the highest degree of integrity, honesty, trust and respect in our interaction with each other, our suppliers, our customers and our community.

Teamwork and Problem Solving
To strive to reach MCSD goals through cooperative efforts and collaboration with each other and our constituents. We will work to solve problems in a creative, cost-effective and safe manner, acknowledging team and individual efforts. We will act in a manner that protects our environment, and we will always be responsive to our customer’s needs.

Leadership and Commitment
To lead by example, acknowledging the value of our resources and using them wisely and safely to achieve our objectives and goals. We are committed to act in the best interest of our employees, our organization and our community to protect the environment in each of our operations and projects.

Learning and Teaching – Talents, Skills and Abilities
To continuously develop ourselves, enhancing our talents, skills and abilities, knowing that only through personal growth and development will we continue to progress as an agency and as individuals.

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