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September 20, 1950
First meeting held at 14842 Monroe Street. 

September 18, 1951
Midway City Sanitary District incurs a bonded indebtedness in the principal sum of $850,000 for the purpose of raising money for the acquisition and construction of a system of trunk and lateral sewers and appurtenances thereto, including the acquisition of all easements and other property necessary therefore. 

November 1, 1951
Barber City annexed to the Midway City Sanitary District. 

March 6, 1952
Boyle Engineering Company hired to layout District boundaries and get proper annexations. 

November 20, 1952
Notice inviting bids for the construction of a sanitary sewer system is approved. 

January 29, 1953
$1,141,976 awarded to Chas. F. Dorfman to construct 170,000 lineal feet of sewer main. (Original District) 

April 2, 1953
Pump stations and force mains design approved by Boyle Engineering Company. 

May 28, 1953
Pump stations and force mains project awarded to J.S. Barrett for $146,635.50 

January 7, 1954
District sets policy, Prescribing Rules and Regulations for the Annexation of Territory to the Midway City Sanitary District 

May 6, 1954
First meeting held at 7826 Westminster Blvd. 

October 7, 1954
Ordinance No. 3 was adopted for the installation and inspection of connections to main sewer line and permitting process. 

August 23, 1955
Discussion on GGSD Encroachment into the Territory allocated to Midway City Sanitary District to the extent of 160 acres. 

February 2, 1956
First discussion about the collection of User Fees using the county unsecured personal property tax rolls. 

August 1, 1957
The District approves using a transite force main and installing 3,600 feet for $22,000.00. 

October 2, 1958
The first meeting held at 7631 13th Street. 

December 4, 1958
The fee for plan checking and design for sewer work was $8.00 per lateral. 

July 2, 1959
District takes over the trash and garbage pick-up from Haywood Allen, Garbage & Trash Collector for $12,000.00 for his equipment. 

September 3, 1959
For commercial pick-ups where there are eight to ten barrels to pick up, the recommendation was to construct or have constructed six feet long, four feet wide and four feet high bins. 

November 19, 1959
Manager Boyle reports that an additional 500 solid waste pick-ups each month were added.

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