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September 15, 1960
Collection fee of $1.25 per month added for solid waste service until the lot was placed on the tax roll. 

November 17, 1960
It was reported that the State Sewer Capacity was 4.5 million gallons per day. Currently Midway City Sanitary District alone is 18 million gallons per day.

April 20, 1961
Monthly wage range for trash collection labor $360.00 to $425.00 and sewer maintenance labor $350.00 to $480.00.

July 20, 1961
Plan check and inspection fee established at $160.00 plus a $3.00 fee for each house connection.

May 17, 1962
Trash collection report - 12,339 stops including 392 commercial stops per week. In 2013 -19,875 residential stops not including commercial.

November 15, 1962Plans for the San Diego Freeway (405) presented to the Board for signature.

May 2, 1963District makes the change to charge against the parcel based upon the number of units and placed on the secured tax rolls for collection.

January 16, 1964Discussions on purchasing the Manuel Alarcon Property on Hazard & Cedarwood for $50,000.00.

June 4, 1964Board approves the purchase of the Alarcon Property on Hazard and Cedarwood (current location) for $31,500.00

March 18, 1965Agreement with Brame Construction Company, for the three buildings is signed. The bid for the construction was $73,300.00 - these buildings are still used today.

April 1, 1965First meeting held at 14451 Cedarwood Avenue.  This address is the current meeting location.

September 16, 1965Pumping stations warning system approved - the cost  is $5,000.00 for installation plus a $68.00 monthly telephone service fee.

September 15, 1966Discussion on the types of transite forcemain, epoxy lining used due to sewer gases.  Today transite pipe of any type is not legal to use for sewers.

January 19, 1967The cost for a 3 cubic yard bin is $20.00 per month with weekly pick up.

February 2, 19675-ton hoist installed in the shop for $4,100.00.

April 25, 1967Employee uniforms  approved for the trash crew.

April 25, 1967First on-call personnel approved.  Extra compensation is $15.00 per week.

July 24, 1968Budget for the year $932,850.00.

February 5, 1969Program planned to replace all steel sewer lines now in use in the District.

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