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April 1, 1970
Discussion on Director McWhinney’s expenditures to protect his seat on the Westminster City Council. 

 April 1, 1970
First discussion to change trash pick-up to once per week instead of twice.

 July 1, 1970
District has an actuarial study to evaluate and determine the cost to participate in the Public Employees Retirement System.

 September 1, 1971
District compares cost of franchising the trash pick-up compared with District cost.

 April 5, 1972District agrees to install the offsite sewer to serve the Sears property.

 July 23, 1973Discussion on Orange County Sanitation District trunk line through the City of Westminster and the lawsuit between the two agencies - Orange County Sanitation District wins the case.

 May 1, 1974Discussion on large trash bins.  It is recommended that bin deposit fee be increased to $200.00 each, with refund of $125.00 when bin is returned.

 March 19, 1975First discussion on dropping Social Security Program and continue with State Retirement Program.

 December 15, 1976California Special District Association (CSDA) membership dues  -$50.00.

 February 2, 1977District tests new balanced lid system for large bins.

 February 2, 1977Saddle connection fee reduced from $150.00 to $50.00.

 May 10, 1978Residential bins delivered by Midway City Sanitary District at a charge of $10.00 per dumping.

 August 2, 1978First alarm system installed at District main office.

 March 7, 1979District installs 10,000 gallon diesel tank storage at a cost of $9,974.00.

 July 5, 1979User fees increased to $0.25 per unit per month for sewer and $0.85 per unit per month for trash collection.

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