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November 19, 1980First discussion of Directors belonging to PERS Retirement System. Contract would need to be amended to include Directors. 

November 18, 1981Official action taken reaffirming to guarantee the refuse crew 40 hours per week.

October 20, 1982Cost of a 3 cubic yard bin is $225.00.

December 1, 1982First vacation pay in-lieu of time off  granted - a total of 80 hours.

January 19, 1983California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) membership dues - $258.77 and Independent Special Districts of Orange County (ISDOC) - $25.00.

January 19, 1983Map presented showing the City of Westminster’s proposed redevelopment area.

June 1, 1983Rainbow Disposal proposes a dumping fee at their transfer station between $15.80 - $16.00 per ton.

June 6, 1984District discusses the idea of a mini-transfer station at the District Yard instead of paying higher dumping fees at Rainbow Disposal.

October 16, 1985Plans for a 312 unit senior citizens' housing development submitted for approval.  The project is located on the corner of Hoover & Westminster.

December 2, 1986Orange County Board of Supervisors request the District hold its elections in the even year rather than the odd year.

March 3, 1987District started employee drug testing policy.

May 31, 1988Feasibility study on transfer station in District yard  placed on the 88/89 Budget.

December 6, 1988District establishes a Deferred Compensation Plan.

February 7, 1989All structures in the District yard are painted at a bid price of $14,500.00.

February 7, 1989Cost for a new 3 cubic yard bin is $273.00.

July 18, 1989Emergency generators purchased for the pump stations.

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