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January 16, 1990Discussion on tentative design for the District office and agreement with the architect. 

May 15, 1990Consultant Robert Rauch hired to assist the District in defense against the City of Westminster’s takeover attempt.

June 18, 1991Bin fees increased from $55.00 one-time per week to $165.00 five times per week.

October 29, 1991Discussion on source reduction and recycling element for AB939 between Midway City Sanitary District and City of Westminster.

November 15, 1991Discussion on possible savings for the District utilizing local transfer stations.

 November 15, 1991First discussion of Barrel-System Program and use of automated refuse trucks.

 December 6, 1991Cost analysis report to award an exclusive franchise and defining commercial bin service.

 January 17, 1992Discussion on the proposed State budget which would divert special district funds to school districts.

 October 6, 1992Award of Exclusive Franchise Agreement to CR&R Incorporated and Rainbow Disposal Company effective November 1, 1992.

 January 19, 1993Discussion of cost comparison between taking refuse to the local transfer stations or local landfill.

 January 26, 1993Full recycling program discussed - all recyclables must be tracked for credit due to amendment of AB939.

 September 7, 1993Green Waste Program was discussed.

 October 5, 1993District hires consultant for an automation collection system.

 February 15, 1994Request bids for barrels for an automated collection system approved.

 February 15, 1994Request bids for automated collection vehicles approved.

 July 5, 1994Discussion on reorganization/dissolution/detachment/annexation of Garden Grove and Midway City Sanitary District.

 November 15, 1994Additional container rental fee: rate was set at $7.00 per month, with a $1.25 per month administrative fee.

 January 3, 1995Discussion on the Orange County Investment Pool Bankruptcy.

 January 3, 1995Discussion on provision of special collection service for handicapped or frail persons.

 February 21, 1995Discussion on District Office restoration.

 September 19, 1995Westminster Village questionnaires showed that some wanted to use the 35 gallon containers.

 September 17, 1996Clarification of Midway City Sanitary District Franchisee contract.  The commercial accounts serviced by the three licensed haulers will be transferred to Rainbow Disposal.

 March 3, 1997Discussion on Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) condition number 2 within the Garden Grove Reorganization.  District will be required to transfer $415,000.00 of District funds to Garden Grove.

 April 1, 1997District accepts the agreement for joint use of sewage facilities with Garden Grove.

 February 3, 1998Bid award for construction and improvement of Administrative offices - cost $332,285.00

 December 15, 1998New agreement with franchisees - Rainbow Disposal and CR&R - adopted.

 January 21, 1999Consideration to implement a program for collection of separated green waste.

 March 2, 1999District buys portable video inspection system for District sewer lines - cost $45,000.00.

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